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Internet site promotion

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Today it is difficult to imagine a successful business development without website promotion, since the Internet is a huge platform for selling any services and goods! With the help of advertising placed on the Internet, you can declare yourself to the whole world, to present your capabilities and advantages. Millions of companies are already using this tool!

Specialists of OST will help you not to get lost among competitors, raise the position of the site and use all the possibilities of Internet advertising. OST is one of the first companies to promote websites in Baku. We offer you the knowledge and experience of a team of professionals who, over the years, have studied all the subtleties and secrets of successful website promotion.

You can always count on an individual approach: instead of using template technologies, we will develop a promotion strategy for your resource.

Our specialists:

  • Study the details of the sphere you work in;
  • Complete comparative analysis with competitors;
  • Analyse the status of the site from the position of relevance to the search engines.

The results of these studies will form the basis for choosing the most effective tools for Internet promotion.

And for sure you will like the optimal cost and opportunity to order services for SEO-promotion of a corporate website or an online store in the TOP of popular search engines from a local company that is well acquainted with the peculiarities of the Azerbaijan market.

The list of services for promotion of the Internet resource:

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a complex of works on internal and external optimization of a site to increase its positions in search results table, under certain inquiries of users, with the purpose of increase in attendance and quantity of potential clients.

This complex is divided into two parts:

  • Internal optimization – improving it from a technical point of view (error analysis, correction of program code), also applying by users (adding texts and optimizing them for keywords, forming a competent structure and navigating the site). This part is the most basic part of SEO optimization;
  • Website-Optimization-Search-Engine-Optimization

  • External optimization – work with the environment of your site, mainly with external links that are located on other sites and link to your site.

Contextual advertising on the Internet

The effectiveness of contextual advertising is that a visitor of a search engine sees an advertisement only if he typed the certain query in this search engine. For the advertiser it is a convenient tool for attracting interested visitors. Within the frames of this format, we have a huge number of opportunities for targeting certain groups of the population: gender and age, geo-targeting (city, region or region), interests, search topics, time and frequency of showing. The main search engine in Azerbaijan is Google.Adwords.

The order of rendering services in contextual advertising includes:

Creating an advertising campaign:

Compilation of a list of words based on the goods / services that the client is engaged in and the compilation of advertising text blocks. Coordinate with the customer a list of destination pages, where the visitor will be redirected from advertisements. Setting the regions and time of the show. Forming  of the initial strategy of the advertising campaign.

Conducting an advertising campaign:

Monthly actions. Collection of data on the advertising campaign, analytics, change of advertising campaign, reports. Optimization of the advertising campaign. Work on reducing budgets and improving the effectiveness of the customer’s advertising campaign.

Advertising on Google partner sites and banner ads on local portals

Banner advertising is the deployment of bright, prominent banners to attract the attention of a potential visitor and as a consequence sales increase.

Banner advertising is useful for those who decided to increase the recognition of their company, to generate demand for their goods or to inform a large audience about their product / service, event, etc.

Banners on local portals with specific topics allow you to reach a more affinity (suitable) audience for your product or service.

Contextual banners on the sites of Google partners are shown to users depending on their requests and behaviour on the search network (interests, topics of the sites being opened). Within the frames of this format, we can also use the remarketing tool and show the ad only to those users who either were on your resource, or made a certain action on it. We also have the ability to use all standard targeting tools mentioned above in Google Adwords.
adwords and dirext add example

Thus, the banner that is shown to the interested visitor, gives more effectiveness in comparison with the placement of the same banner on the thematic portal.

Display advertising on Google partner sites allows you to quickly announce about your product / service, and stand out from the competition. Correctly created banner solves this issue very effectively, and your client will notice it and make a transition to your site.

When placing media advertising our specialists do the work according to the following scheme:

  • Preparation: Drawing up a plan for placement, selecting your target audience, offering a layout format, calculating the cost of media placement;
  • Production: We develop models of advertising materials;
  • Analytics: performance evaluation, statistics, transition / display cost adjustment


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