IT services

Types of IT services

We provide a wide range of IT services, which includes the following:

it аутсорсинг

  • Support for workstations, including remote workstations
  • Installation, configuration and maintenance of servers
  • Support of office equipment
  • Configuring Backup Systems
  • Creating and configuring corporate e-mail
  • Administration of Internet access
  • Creation of local office networks
  • Installation and provision of telephony serviceability
  • Ensuring information security
  • Installation of video surveillance systems
  • Providing your office with computers and servers, peripherals, components, software products and consumables

Computer maintenance includes:

обслуживание устройств

  • Planned and preventive works: scheduled inspection of equipment, installed versions of software, applications and their updating (if necessary).
  • Troubleshoot all workstation problems; diagnose the causes of the failure. Restoration of efficiency, coordination of equipment repair.
  • Providing workstation access to the local network
  • Installing and moving workstations: connecting new users, upgrading computers
  • Administration of standard software: configuration and maintenance of operating system and office software updates
  • Advising users: any user can get advice on all issues related to his / her workstation
  • Management and control of licenses for software used by the organization / enterprise
  • Remote workstation support: ensuring the operability of users who are outside the office, in a local network via Internet

Maintenance of peripheral and network equipment:

  • Planned and preventive works: maintenance and scheduled inspections of office equipment
  • Troubleshoot office equipment: diagnose the causes of failure, restore the functionality of the software and / or equipment. Coordination of repair.
  • Installation and relocation of equipment
  • Providing access to network devices: ensuring the operability of office equipment in a local network.
  • Replacement of consumables
  • Cabling
  • Creation of internal networks of warehouses
  • Formation of telephone (analog and digital) networks.
  • Creating Wi-Fi networks
  • Formation of digital video surveillance systems

Maintenance of network equipment:


  • Planned and preventive works
  • Troubleshoot network problems
  • Repair and management of network equipment: configuration of network equipment, security parameters, performance, etc.

Server maintenance:

  • Scheduled preventive works: checking for available disk space, loading processors, etc. Check installed software versions and update them (if necessary).
  • Troubleshoot server problems: diagnose the causes of failure, restore workability. Ensuring server access to the local network
  • Administration of standard server software: configuring and providing updates to the operating system and standard server services
  • Backup and restore of data: the organization and control of data backup on servers as per agreed schedule, their storage and recovery upon request

Providing information security in the IT infrastructure of your organization/enterprise:

  • Managing user accounts: create, modify, lock and delete accounts. Controlling the level of access to the local network and Internet resources
  • Providing network perimeter protection: information security, restriction of network access from outside
  • Antivirus protection of servers, workstations, Internet traffic and mail: installation, configuration of anti-virus software, technical support, controlling of updates and anti-virus databases
  • Administration of encryption tools: management of e-mail and file encryption. Ensuring the operability of an electronic digital signature

Development, maintenance, effective management of databases:

базы данных

  • Tracking of basic indicators (serviceability, availability, size and free space for databases)
  • Operative solution of issues related to the operation of databases
  • Making the necessary adjustments to the database management system
  • On time updating of software, components of the database management system (relevance support)
  • Security
  • Maintaining the necessary documentation
  • Compiling and reporting on key performance indicators for databases
  • Development of proposals for improving the performance of databases
  • Optimization of databases and database management systems
  • Database management on operating systems Windows, UNIX, Linux
  • MS SQL Server, Oracle Database, PostgreSQL, MySQL database management systems support
  • Maintenance of databases based on high availability and fault tolerance solutions at the DBMS level (cluster, mirroring, replication)

IT consulting holds a separate position in the list of rendered services.


This service is the most effective method for identifying problems in the IT structure of your business.

IT consulting includes:

  • Checking the equipment
  • Checking the software
  • Checking the structured cabling system
  • Check the infrastructure of the information system
  • Information security check

Based on the results of the checking, we provide a detailed report, which includes:

  • Goals and objectives
  • Conclusions
  • Recommendations
  • Specific offers



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